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"Concerning the protection of intellectual and artistic works under this Act spiritual, financial or related rights violation:

1. A work, enforcement of a phonogram or production processes eligible persons without the written consent of representing, reproducing, altering, distributing any signal transmitting sound or image transfer to the means with accessible, committed in violation of published or law or reproduced works sales that supply, sell, lease or lend emitting means with or in other ways, for commercial bought, imported or issuer, holding other than for personal use or a year for people who store shall be sentenced to five years imprisonment or fined.
2. of the work to someone else, who put the names of six months as his work shall be punished with imprisonment up to two years or fined. Where the act is committed through this to distribute or publish, the upper limit of imprisonment is five years and a judicial fine not hükmoluna.
3. six months, citing a source from the people in the quoted work is punishable by two years imprisonment or fined.
4. Eligible persons without the consent of the person in a public statement on the content of the work not made public, shall be punished with imprisonment up to six months.
5. An artifact related to inadequate, false or deceptive in nature Citing person, shall be punished with imprisonment up to six months.
6. A work, enforcement of a phonogram or construction, using the name of another well-known duplicates, distributes, disseminates or publishes person, is punishable by a year in jail or fined up to three months. Mentioned acts in the first paragraph of additional article 4 of this law on unauthorized working with recognized rights violations to ongoing information content providers in this Law, acts if the creation of a criminal offense heavier penalty than three months shall be sentenced to two years imprisonment. "Wording It is located. If faced with a content that violates these terms, please contact us.
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