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EGV-B Serie PN0,5 Manual Reset Gas Valve

  •  EGV-B Serie PN0,5 Manual Reset Gas Valve - 1
  •  EGV-B Serie PN0,5 Manual Reset Gas Valve - 2
  •  EGV-B Serie PN0,5 Manual Reset Gas Valve - 3
EGV-B Serie PN0,5 Manual Reset Gas Valve

EGV-B Series

  • Pressure Class: PN0,5
  • Connection or Port Size: 3/4″, 1” Threaded (Female)
  • Position or Switching Function: Normally Open
  • Reset: Manually
  • Body Material: Brass

Introductory and Technical Information

  • These are the manually adjusted gas valves used with the safety purposes in the gas lines to automatically stop the gas flow by the effect of the signals given by the third party equipments such as gas alarm detectors, ventilation equipments etc.
  •  Usage: City gas networks and gas pipelines in industrial areas
  •  Fluid Type: Second Family Group H Medium ‐ Non‐corrosive gases such as Natural Gas (Methane), LPG, Propane, Butane, Town Gas, Air, etc…
  •  Pressure Class: PN0,5
  •  Position or Switching Function: Normally Open
  •  Connection or Port Size: 3/4” and 1” Threaded (Female)
  •  Maximum Working Pressure: 0,5 bar
  •  Working Voltage Range: 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V AC or DC (On request other voltages)
  •  Ambient Temperature Range: ‐20°C up to 70°C
  •  Fluid Temperature Range: ‐10°C up to 80°C
  •  Protection Class: IP65
  •  Voltage Tolerance: ± 10%
  •  Response Time: Less than 1 second
  •  Working Prenciple: Direct Operated
  •  Reset: Manually
  •  Way: 2/2
  •  Material Standard: Brass-EN 12164, Rubber-EN 549
  •  Materials: Body and cover EN AC-46100 brass, plastic material nylon, rubber material NBR
  •  According to Directives: 2009/142/EC, 2006/95/EC
  •  According to Standards: EN 161, EN 13611, EN 60335‐1, EN 60204‐1, EN 60529, BM‐04‐BK‐008

EGV-B series gas valves are normally open positioned and getting closed when the electrical energy reaches, manually adjusted gas solenoid valves. As there is no electric consumption during normal operation, there happens no wearing out, noise, sound etc. problems and energy saving is provided. It stops the gas flow in the line by receiving the signals from the gas alarm device or any signal giving device and remain closed until being manually adjusted again. It is the safety valve which has impulsion mechanism, normally open, and which is used outside the residence.
The most used application is with the gas alarm device. In this way of use, it stops the gas entry to the system by receiving the signal from the alarm device in case of any gas leak and gasr transmission is enabled after manual re-adjustment when the danger is cleared.
When the adjustment bar is manually pushed up and set on the gas valves, the orifice surface is opened and the gas in the pipeline starts flowing to the user’s side. When the bobbin of the device receives an electrical signal, the valve moves its shaft thanks to the electromagnetic field system and gas stopping equipment included and closes the orifice surface in a leakproof way with the seal on top of the shaft. Even if the valve keeps receiving the signal, the gas flow is stopped and will remain stopped until the adjustment bar is manually re-adjusted. In order for the gas valves to reoperate, no pressure difference between the input and output of the line is needed, they work with direct operation principle.
After the device stops the gas, re-provision of the gas into the line is possible only after manual resetting. The manual resetting after the said stopping should be done by only the authorized gas distribution company.
The valve shaft or adjustment bar is open positioned during normal operation. When 12VDC and 230 VAC voltage is applied in the device, it is automatically closed within less than 1 second.
The valves are resistant against the mechanical, electrical and thermal stress that occur under operational conditions.
Solenoid valves can perform their functions at 110% and 85% of the feeding voltage. The valves comply with the conditions and performances of high voltage, fault current, earthing, isolation resistance, cold, dry hot, wet hot, red wires and protection grade of the housing.
The device must be kept away from rain and water.