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Company Profile

Company Profile

ESKA VALVE called with the “first” and “new” since the day it was established, reached today by constantly planning the future and creating strategies according to these plans. Our journey starting at a 50 m² workshop in 1968 continues with a 5000m² factory today.ESKA VALVE is a leader company in its field in Turkey, manufacturing automatic flow control, safety and adjustment products used in industrial and domestic fields of use and selling them around the world in its 5000m2 manufacturing facility in Istanbul Pendik, with its corporate background and completely domestic capital, strong vision, modern perspective, quality and problem-free products, automational production model, follower R&D outputs, professional, experienced and dynamic human force and the trust it created.

ESKA VALVE, taking its today to the future stronger, working for your safety and producing for the world, manufactures and sells gas pressure regulators, hand set gas valves, gas alarm devices, gas filters, solenoid valves, mechanical earthquake valves, solenoid valve bobbins and product accessroies such as timers and switch boxes.

ESKA VALVE manufacturing the products that can stop the flow of the fluid in possible earthquakes, gas leakages and unexpected situations or that have many tasks in transfer and setting of the fluid, has a great responsibility as a manufacturer of safety and setting products. Our company, working for you and your loved ones, target the best all the time by acting with the awareness of sensitivity for the human and environment.

ESKA VALVE aims to be ythe symbol of trustwothiness, sustainability and prestige for all of its partners.
You can see the ESKA VALVE products, that enable the fluids you use to reach you safely and taking the necessary precautions to be taken in terms of stopping the fluid with the purpose of safety in possible problems, in all teh constructions and industry all around the world.
ESKA VALVE is a constantly growing company that can manage the change and the ability with the human resource it has and braces up with the technology. As the ESKA VALVE family, we work for adding our value to all the products and services we provide and guarantee all the outputs we create.

ESKA VALVE is a customer oriented company which produces quality and original products with the automational mass production model, increases the employment, constantly increases its activity in the foreign markets with the mutual participation of all its employees and partners, works based on the data, constantly develops its partners with in and out of company trainings, uses advanced production techniques, gives great importance to the R&D studies with its engineering staff and scientists, follows the national and international standards, creates technology, design its products itself, directs the sector and which is preferred with the innovative approaches it creates and services it provides.

ESKA VALVE registered the quality of the products it produces, systems it uses and services it provides with many nationally and internationally valid certificates such as ISO 9001:2008, OHSAH 18001, ISO 14001, CE ,TSE, TSEK, TSE-HYB, ROHS, GOST, UK-SEPRO, Guarantee Notices, SSHYB certificates, patent certificates, useful model certificates, design registration certificates, brand registration certificates, deckarations and etc. Our products are certified by the tests done within the company and by outsourced laboratories and international certification centers.

Our company having full automatic mass production counters, automational mounting test devices, technological measurement and controlling devices, keeps rising with its special studies within the scope of the 10 years strategical plan.
Eska is remembered with the customer complaints lower than 1000 ppm, error rate lower than 300 ppm, at minimum 15% engineering staff, customer satisfaction over 96%, on-time deliveries over 98% etc. performance indicators.

We would like to thank to our customers who contibute to our growth seeing the differences our brand creates and the quality, and commit that we are your solutions partner at all times and situations and that we will keep working continually and manufacture high value added and productive products.



Ahmet SARDAL sets the foundation of ESKA VALVE.
1968 – 1988
Molds, relief valves, manual valves, spinning presses, water valves, pneumatic direction valves and many industrial technical products are manufactured.
Erhan SARDAL, currently the General Manager of the Company, begins his prfessional life with his father Ahmet SARDAL.
1988 – 1994
Solenoid valves, solenoid valve bobbins and molds are manufactured.
1994 – 2002
Oil stoppers, gas stoppers, multi valves, special hydraulic valves and solenoid valve bobbins for LPG vehicle transformation systems are manufactured.
Erhan SARDAL takes the job over from Ahmet SARDAL.
Normally open clockwinder gas solenoid valves are added to the product range.
Mechanical earthquake valves are added to the product range.
Gas alarm devices are added to the product range.
Gas pressure regulators and gas filters are added to the product range. The facility currently servicing is taken into production.
Medium pressure range of the gas pressure regulator is generated service .
Our Mission - Our Vision

Our Mission - Our Vision


Turning ESKA VALVE into the solution partner of all its customers by providing fastest, most efficient, top quality and same standard products all the time in order to meet all the requests, needs and expectations of the customers at the top level and to reveal their unknown needs concerning the automatic flow control, security and setting products used industrial and domestic fields of use.


Becoming the first choice, most trusted, most known, leader, being followed and leader in its subject all around the world with the products manufactured with ESKA VALVE brand, the differences created and services provided.



  • Constantly working to be “perfect and the best”
  • Acting wtih a customer focused consciousness
  • Manufacturing innovative, original and leading products all the time
  • Doing everything we do, every product we manufacture and ever service we provide with the top quality
  • Remembering that our most importatn capital is the human
  • Acting with a mutual wisdom
  • Working for being one step ahead in the competition with our rivals
  • Working by knowing thet our trustworhiness is our future
  • Contributing to the society and the economy
  • Being respectful to the people and the environment
  • Being open to change
  • Working based on dat
  • Being honest, fair and clear


Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

​The most significant aspect of ESKA VALVE in the marketing is its corporate identity. The corporate identity is the philosophy, signature, image and self-presentation method of ESKA VALVE. As well as being one of the most important studies that enables advertisement investments become successful, the corporate identity is for ESKA VALVE a many dimensional image work especially in terms of visual-audial communication. The aim of corporate identity work is to pass the establishment objectives and ideals, products and services and sectoral position of ESKA VALVE on our target market with the least effort at teh shortest time in the most effective way. Some Corporate Identity Subjects  Logo, slogan logo, letterhead paper, letterhead envelope, diplomatic envelope without window, window diplomatic envelope, bag envelope, covered file, folder, foler back title, invoices, dispatch note, receipt, fax message form, cardvisit, block notes, note cards, badge, van and vehicle wrapping, presentation calendars, presentation files, visitors cards, catalogues, pricelists, brochures, user’s manuals, labels, boxes, introduction presentations, training units, e-mail design, bulletin-anouncement-notice design, newspaper and magazin advertisement designs, cd cases and labels, signboards, direction boards, affiches, swallowtail flags, table flags, posters, streamers, roll ups, schemes, balloons, invitations, stickers, promotion products, carton bag, bags, product warning cards etc. Some Corporate Identity Visuals
Corporate Identity-1 Corporate Identity-2 Corporate Identity-3 Corporate Identity-4
Corporate Identity-5 Corporate Identity-6 Corporate Identity-7 Corporate Identity-8
Corporate Identity-9 Corporate Identity-10 Corporate Identity-11 Corporate Identity-12
Corporate Identity-13 Corporate Identity-14 Corporate Identity-15 Corporate Identity-16


ESKA VALVE owns as management systems;

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Safety Management System certificates.


The quality management system for ESKA VALVE is the system that guarantees the quality by meeting the expectations and needs of the customer at all the processes from production of a product or provision of a service to the point they reach the customers and that prioritizes the customer satisfaction in all these processes.

ESKA VALVE maintains its development by using ISO 9001-2008 Quality management System basic and additional conditions and all the quality devices (SPC,MSA,PPAP,APQP,Poke-Yoke,Pareto,Histogram etc.).

The principles of ESKA VALVE in the management systems it has;

  • Customer oriented establishment
  • Leadership
  • Employees’ participation
  • Process approach
  • System approach in the management
  • Constant improvement
  • Decision making approach based on data
  • Relationships with the suppliers based on mutual interests

Some significant definitions we use in our management systems;

Processs: Team of activities related or interacted with each other that turn inputs into outputs.
Product: The result of a process.
System: Team of elements related or interacted with each other.
Management System: System of creating policies and objectives and reaching these objectives.
Quality Policy: All the objectives and management related to the quality officially expressed by the management.
Quality Management: The activities coordinated for the management and control in terms of quality.
Constant Improvement: The activity repeated to increase the ability to realize the conditions
Productivity: The relation between the gained result and used resources.


Quality-3 Quality-4 Quality-5


R&D is one of the main and most important processes within the management structure of ESKA VALVE

The company, designing all the products it manufactures itself, gets all these products ready for the use of the customers as quality, standards compliant and original products by using PPAP method.
The process beginning with the R&D request ends when the final product is ready for mass production and the process is transferred to the manufacturing

We owe our success in the R&D Process to;

  • Our background that can correctly determine the R&D request, R&D inputs and outputs and all other R&D parameters
  • Carrying out the whole process with a systematic planning
  • Our analyses of mistake types and effects which we apply on the products and processs beginning at the design phase and continued on the manufacturing process ( FMEA )
  • Using the control plans of the products by effective and productive determination
  • Our ability to design the products and the moulds on the computer environment three dimensionally
  • Our ability to do three dimensional static and dynamic durability analyses, thermal analyses and flow analyses before prototype production
  • Our ability to create three dimensional simulations of teh real products before prototyping phase
  • Making many enginnering calculations
  • Our complete detection of the specifications such as design, material, performance, marking etc. required for our products in the national and international standards around 300 (EN, ISO, ASCE, ANSI, UL, DIN, VDI/VDE, IEC, BSI, CEN, CENELEC v.b. ) imn our standards library
  • Our ability to perform all the inspections and experiments required for our products within our own structure tahnks to our many measurement control and analysis devices in our R&D laboratories equipped with advanced technological devices (many types of party and serial tests aging tests, corrosion tests, strength tests, leakage tests, temperature tests, pressure tests, mechanical tests, flow tests, performance tests, electrical tests, product life tests etc.)
  • Performing the final inspections and examinations to be done especially on the final products with highly advanced automational devices freed from human error
  • Always reviewing the competence of our machines and manufacturing processes
  • Deepening the controls by by processing the critical parameters with our own processing technology in our wide production track
  • Our systematic documentation background using all the quality instruments such as statistical process control (SPC), measurement systems analysis (MSA), poke-yoke etc.
  • Providing that our prototypes are tested, approved and certified by the observation and inspection of 3rd party accredited institutions out of the company
  • Opening our prototypes and ideas to the world by getting the patents, useful model and design registration certifications
  • Following the developments and technologies in the world closely
  • Working with scientists, getting academ,cal consultance, cooperating with the universities
  • Working with numerical data
  • Our engineer, technician and R&D staff and experience of sector and product we have since 1968
  • The high quality of our suppliers.