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ESKA VALVE called with the “first” and “new” since the day it was established, reached today by constantly planning the future and creating strategies according to these plans. Our journey starting at a 50 m² workshop in 1968 continues with a 5000m² factory today.ESKA VALVE is a leader company in its field in Turkey, manufacturing automatic flow control, safety and adjustment products used in industrial and domestic fields of use and selling them around the world in its 5000m2 manufacturing facility in Istanbul Pendik, with its corporate background and completely domestic capital, strong vision, modern perspective, quality and problem-free products, automational production model, follower R&D outputs, professional, experienced and dynamic human force and the trust it created.

ESKA VALVE, taking its today to the future stronger, working for your safety and producing for the world, manufactures and sells gas pressure regulators, hand set gas valves, gas alarm devices, gas filters, solenoid valves, mechanical earthquake valves, solenoid valve bobbins and product accessroies such as timers and switch boxes.

ESKA VALVE manufacturing the products that can stop the flow of the fluid in possible earthquakes, gas leakages and unexpected situations or that have many tasks in transfer and setting of the fluid, has a great responsibility as a manufacturer of safety and setting products. Our company, working for you and your loved ones, target the best all the time by acting with the awareness of sensitivity for the human and environment.

ESKA VALVE aims to be ythe symbol of trustwothiness, sustainability and prestige for all of its partners.
You can see the ESKA VALVE products, that enable the fluids you use to reach you safely and taking the necessary precautions to be taken in terms of stopping the fluid with the purpose of safety in possible problems, in all teh constructions and industry all around the world.

ESKA VALVE is a constantly growing company that can manage the change and the ability with the human resource it has and braces up with the technology. As the ESKA VALVE family, we work for adding our value to all the products and services we provide and guarantee all the outputs we create.